Evidently, sugar and cream isn't taking people's coffee to the next level, so Dave Aspry invented a cup of Joe that he swears will make your mornings 'bulletproof'.

One guy told the Los Angeles Times that since drinking the coffee each morning, he:

 "makes a few dynamic phone calls I had been putting off, answer emails I had been procrastinating on, and, by the time I go out on a 10km run at lunchtime, I am floating in a depersonalized way."

I'm torn between wanting to be more productive in the mornings yet scared to sample this magic elixir because my gag reflex is already firing up.

Aspry says the recipe below is used each day by 'Billboard recording artists before they go on stage, world champion athletes, and some of the world’s top executives' due to the java's massive impact on cognitive function.

I'm a little skittish about adding butter to my coffee but I do love coffee and you know I adore butter. I think I'll give this abomination a try except I'm not concerned with 'free range butter' or any of that hog wash.