With yesterday's announcement that Cox Communications would carry the SEC Network when it launches in August, the ESPN-run network is set to be in 50 million homes with one month remaining until launch. 

With Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, and Dish all on board, attention turns to DirecTV. The satellite service provider reaches nearly 22 million homes, meaning many SEC fans could be left out this fall if the company doesn't reach an agreement with Disney/ESPN.

DirecTV recently posted this statement to its website regarding the SEC Network:

We’re in the middle of productive discussions with Disney over ESPN’s new SEC Network and hope to be able to provide it as soon as we possibly can. Both DIRECTV and Disney understand and appreciate the unique bond between SEC teams and the communities they represent, many of which lack any professional teams. We are working cooperatively to ensure that everyone can still see their favorite SEC team play at the most reasonable value to all SEC fans and the rest of our customers throughout the Southeast.

That sounds promising, but DirecTV has been pushing back against subscription costs, which will likely be more than $1.00 per month in SEC markets. That seems like a no-brainer to sports fans, but people with no interest in the Southeastern Conference are the ones trying to combat higher cable and satellite costs.

Now, there will be plenty of viewing options when football season rolls around, so DirecTV subscribers wouldn't be completely neglected. But we also know how important the SEC Network is to Alabama and the rest of the region. We want to know if DirecTV's decision to wait on the SEC Network (if it comes to that) would make you cancel your subscription and change providers.