These days there appears to be one particular question on a lot of people's minds: who is Blair Wolff? Several times a day I'm asked about him.

Blair Wolff is a remarkable young man who lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He loves Donna Summer, listening to the radio, James Spann and now the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Blair has fought a lot of battles in his young life. He lived the first six years of his life in Evansville, Indiana before moving to a very small town in the southwest corner of Florida in 1993.  It was during this time, Blair enjoyed his best academic success as a student earning multiple straight-A's and 'Citizen of the year' for the 1997-98 school year.

In 1999, he moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and describes that experience as 'too emotional to discuss'. One year later, his father moved from Milwaukee to Pennsylvania and Blair began living with him permanently. 

In 2002, his mother died of a massive stroke. She was 52. His father decided to return to his home state and put roots down in Wisconsin for good.

Blair has over 600 Facebook friends, many of whom work in broadcast.  It was my job with 95.3 The Bear that led him to reach out to me on Facebook.

Not long after our friendship began, the devastating tornado struck our community. Blair stayed glued to James Spann's weather feed and posted regular updates on my Facebook wall since he knew communication here was tenuous at best.

Since then, Blair has adopted Tuscaloosa as his home away from home. He listens to Madison & Shepherd every morning, watches James Spann's weather and pulls for the Crimson Tide every week.

He is as loyal a listener and friend as they come.

He also LOVES to hear me sing Happy Birthday and in recognition of his on January, 19th, I'd like to formally introduce him to our community. I'd like to invite you to send him birthday wises as well and if you're so inclined, you can friend him here.

Since Blair is such a huge James Spann fan, we thought he might enjoy this special Happy Birthday message from the World's Weatherman.