Last December, I came across a practical solution featured on Pinterest for organizing congested cords and cables by threading them through small holes drilled into the back of a table.

The business going on beside my bed surpassed the definition of 'congested' a looooong time ago so I showed the pin to my husband, Perry and asked if he could help. He eagerly agreed, but the three month's that's passed since I first asked leads me to believe he wasn't as excited as he led me to believe.

I took matters into my own hands and went in search of his drill. I found several he's collected over the years, but they ALL required charging and I knew finding their charging bases would result in a fruitless search.

Then I found a Black and Decker power drill with a HANDLE BAR. After some fiddling around, I figured out how to swap out bits, which bits were appropriate for wood and got to work drilling holes into the back of my bedside table.

I didn't have a....wait for it...Flat Wood or Spade bit (just learned that) so the hole you see in the image above was made from about 13 holes.

I could have taken a better picture of the end result but at the time, I wasn't worried about style points. I was sending it to friends to brag about my proficiency  newly acquired skill with power drills, but here's where my cords are housed now:

Also, that is NOT my prescription of Ambian.