This morning on Madison and Shepherd, we somehow landed on the topic of the color of bread ties. I have always thought the different color ties had something to do with the date of the bread but was never really sure. After a quick Google search, I found out all I needed to know. According to the site, the color of the tie or little plastic thing some bread companies use signifies when the bread was actually baked. Knowing the color code will allow you to know which bread is the freshest instead of, like I always do, gently squeezing multiple loaves to find the softest one.  broke it down into a simple to follow chart:

  • Blue: Monday
  • Green: Tuesday
  • Red: Thursday
  • White: Friday
  • Yellow: Saturday

They have a chart you can print and cut out to keep in your assortment of coupons.

This new found information will forever change how I buy bread.