The inaugural West Alabama Traders Market will take place on Saturday, March 16, from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Killer Buzz Arena. Booths will be setup on March 15 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Deadline for signing up is Friday, March 8.

Booth Rules and Regulations:
1.Booth Spaces are reserved when payment is received.
2.No person, company, or organization shall assign, sublet, or share a booth without prior consent by Townsquare Media.
3. No alcohol, no firearms, no ammo, no illegal knives, no tobacco, no animals, and no suggestive or provocative items will be allowed to be sold or displayed. Townsquare Media reserves the right to ban any questionable items.
4.All booth vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean during the show and for hauling boxes and excess trash before and after event. Townsquare Media will fine booth vendors who ignore this rule.
5.Booths must be fully operational by 7am on Saturday, March 16th.
6.Booths must remain operational until closing, 4pm Saturday, March 16th.
7.You agree to abide by all rules and regulations. Each booth vender agrees to “hold harmless and indemnify” to the property and leasing agency and Townsquare Media, and all sponsors, directors from responsibility, liability, or damages, costs of attorneys fees that rise out of an incident during the event.
8.Townsquare Media is not responsible for any and all damages to the exhibitor’s property (real or personal).
9.Each booth is responsible for providing extra needs, i.e. water, electric, internet, etc.
10.Only Pre-Packaged food is allowed for sale.
11.All vendors must collect and remit necessary sales tax (City of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, State of Alabama). Forms will be provided. Contact Proper Tax office with any questions.