Leif Hampton brings more than a law degree to the table. He’s a husband and a father who put roots down in Tuscaloosa long before he pursued his dream of being an attorney. Prior to Law School, Leif was a contractor and this experience has enabled him to achieve success with contract negotiation and disputes.

He practices general law which includes criminal, family, and juvenile law.

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

Motto: “Providing clients with high quality, creative, and result – oriented legal representation to individuals and businesses as a partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development.”

Founded: 2002

Why They’re Unique: Leif Hampton has a passion for justice and the confidence and bravery required to pursue it. He’s an excellent lawyer with a genuine sense of community whose firm seeks challenging and diverse practice opportunities for good, decent people, He lives in the real world, not a dusty old law book.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. What are the laws in Alabama regarding alimony or spousal support ?

2. My ex-husband is behind on his child-support payments for almost $18,000. What options are available to me?

3. My wife and I have agreed to separate and things have been pretty smooth between us so far. Why do we even need to involve attorneys?

Meet The Expert

Attorney Leif Hampton

‘I handle the defense of a wide range of criminal charges, defending individuals charged with domestic violence and abuse and other related criminal offenses. These situations can involve married couples or people in other living arrangements, and may or may not involve children. I represent unrelated parties in the defense of protection from abuse matters, as well as civil protection from abuse claims. I also defend individuals on other charges that may arise when domestic situations escalate, including charges of aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.’

Tips for a smooth divorce:

1. Before negotiations get serious, obtain a copy of your credit report but not your spouses. That would violate federal law (15 USC §1681q) and you could go to jail for two years be fined, or both.

2. Cancel joint debit and credit cards.

3. Take half of all funds in joint checking, savings and brokerage accounts. You’re doing in advance what a court would likely do at the end of the case.

4. Get an insurance checkup. If you move out of your home, your personal items may not have the protection Home Owners insurance provided.

5. Revoke old wills and any codicils and replace them with your children or favorite charities.

6. Draw up a new health care directive to prevent your ex-spouse making life or death decisions for you.

7. Amend your W-4 to increase your withholding while immediately reducing the net amount available to pay anyone else.

8. Mind your dignity. Divorce can make smart people do dumb things.

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