It's official, Alabama has hired Lane Kiffin to be the new Offensive Coordinator. With that, the Twitter world has exploded with comments flying everywhere.

The former coach for Tennessee, Southern Cal and the Oakland Raiders is mainly getting two reactions. It's either satisfaction and approval of the hire. Or, an avalanche of jokes and criticisms.

Looking around at what some of the Bama faithful are saying and it seems to be positive. Meanwhile, the haters are trying to tear it down and that's to be expected.

Here are a few reactions on Twitter:

Other sports media getting a laugh about it:

Someone has even created a dummy account to pose as Lane with Tweets. This one is funny:

And this...

Overall, it appears like the Crimson Tide Nation approves of the hire with comments like this one:

What do you think? A great addition to Alabama or a fail? Comment below.