It was perfect weather to get outside yesterday. Randi, Brody my little niece Addie and I took a walk to Hurricane Creek, one of the 36 parks operated by PARA.

We recently moved to a house that is really close to Hurricane Creek so these outings will be a regular thing. If you haven't walked the trails recently, they are being revamped! Hurricane Creek is a beautiful park and offers numerous activities. The friends of Hurricane Creek website says: hike - canoe - wade - swim - fish - picnic - camp - journal - experiment - learn - study - monitor - geocache- enjoy!

I took this short video of the creek right at the park entrance off of 216:

I also found a small bubbling natural spring. I thought it was really cool.

Here are a few links to websites and social sites that support Hurricane Creek.

If you hike or canoe Hurricane Creek, I'd love to see some pictures. Share them with us on Facebook!