Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, called in to Madison and Shepherd this morning. When the news of the horrible incident in Newtown, Conn reached Tuscaloosa last Friday, Mayor Maddox and his staff began talks on what steps our city needed to take in the short term as well as steps that need to be made for the future. Mayor Maddox referenced the July shooting at The CopperTop saying,

"We have to take this seriously, think about last July when we had the CopperTop shooting, that was 17 people that were wounded were wounded. We are very fortunate that we didn't have any fatalities, so these things can happen. They can happen in Newtown, Conn, they can happen in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, because none of us know when that one thing is going to trigger some individual to do something horrendous"

. Our Mayor assures us that measures are being taken to help protect our schools and our children. Hear a segment from the call below: