I have been really excited about my new Samsung Galaxy S4. I am still discovering new things it can do three weeks after I got it. The party ended yesterday at 4:45pm. I pulled up at the Post Office on Skyland Blvd. Before I got out and went in to grab my mail, I checked a text. I took my phone in, grabbed my mail, and headed out the door. When I sat down in my car, I tried to respond to the text I had gotten earlier. My screen was black with a triangle of purple in the top left corner.

I have no idea why it was black. I did not drop it. I called the ATT store on 69 South where I got my phone a few weeks ago. I have bought 3 phones for me and 3 phones for my wife there so I am confident those guys will fix me up today.  I feel disconnected from society right now...wish me luck today.