John Travolta will never live down how he messed up the name of Broadway star Idina Menzel. It wasn't just a little slip, it was an entirely new name! He introduced her as Adel Da-zeem or something like that. What makes the moment so incredible is the calm and smooth way it was done, as if we wouldn't notice the mistake. As if. It was a classic Oscars moment!

Hey, gather around kids.  Now, that Academy Awards magic lives on with the home version of the John Travolta 'Travolitify' name generator from Slate!

Yes, you too can know how Travolta would introduce you to a group of people.  Sure, I was far too excited to hit the submit button.  The result: Greg Thomas to Guy Thompseen. How about Meg Summers? Uh oh, look out for Marc Spermons! LOL! That's too funny.

Are you ready to 'Travoltify' your name? -click here- Leave your new name in the comment box below.

Ah, this will never get old. Let's take a look at that infamous Academy Awards introduction from our 'Pulp Fiction' star, Mr. John Travola: