We've wrapped up this encouraging week with another truckload of supplies going to Moore, OK. This time with our friends from Toomer's For Tuscaloosa!

Our week started with the unfortunate news that a destructive EF-4 tornado tore a path through many parts of Oklahoma. We sprang into action immediately and joined force with Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa (T4T), whom we befriended after our experience on April 27, 2011.

Tuesday we were on the streets with Chick-fil-A in Northport collecting supplies and monetary donations all over Tuscaloosa and beyond. 24 hours after the tornado hit we had an entire U-Haul trailer filled and by 3pm Wednesday, we got word it had arrived safely on site in Moore.

Once that was taken care of, we continued to ask for help and were inundated at our offices by boxes and bags full of everything from toothpaste and shampoo to work gloves and diapers. Kimberly Madison and Holly from T4T kept in close touch throughout the week coordinating an afternoon pickup.

That brings me to Friday. When the T4T truck pulled up in front of our offices on Skyland Blvd. we had already loaded one entire pallet of Killer Buzz energy drink and were set to fill the rest up with the contents of our lobby. As this was going down and our team had set up a human conveyor belt leading from our front door to the back of the truck, another truck pulled up behind it. This one coming from the nice folks at Stark Aerospace in my hometown of Columbus, MS. They had gotten together cases of bleach, Pine-Sol, cleaning supplies, sponges, two-cycle engine oil, plates, water, etc. and drove it over just in time to be transferred into the Toomer’s truck.

I have no idea how many pounds of supplies we’ve collected and loaded this week but I know that listeners of 95.3 The Bear are the best listeners in the world and come equipped with the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. I have been a witness to that heart on several different occasions: April 27th, Joplin, MO, St. Jude and now Oklahoma.

I’m proud to stand beside you as a country music loving resident of Tuscaloosa!