Summer is here. The tragic news of the heat related death of a 22 month old child in Georgia is almost incomprehensible. Since 1998 over 600 children have died in their car seats after being left in a vehicle where temperatures reached extreme levels.

Northport Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Jason Norris took some time to speak with us this morning following yesterdays community awareness demonstration of how dangerous the heat levels are in your vehicle in the summer.

Some of the demonstration results:

After just 10 with the outside ambient temp hovering around 90 degrees, temps in the vehicle reached upwards of 120 degrees.

Within 30 minutes, the temps reached between 140 and 150 degrees. Those temps aren't conducive with live after only a few hours.

With the demonstration, Northport Fire Rescue also gave tips on how to keep your children safe this summer.

  1. NEVER leave your child in a vehicle for any length of time. - Not even to run in and out of a convenience store.
  2. Lock your car even when you are at home. (Kids are curious - they could get locked inside)
  3. Leave something like a purse, briefcase or your cell phone in the backseat near your child's car seat.
  4. Make a deal with your daycare  to call you if your child has an unexpected absence
  5. Be AWARE- if you see a child left in a vehicle, call 911 immediately.

Listen to Battalion Chief Jason Norris with Northport Fire Rescue discussing the dangers of   Vehicle heat and giving some tips on how to be safer this summer: