My husband Perry and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week, a milestone we're both proud of. Although we've been together a while, I continue to learn new things about him.

Allow me to share a few of the marital nuggets I've uncovered about my husband:

1. His thirst for the most mundane programming available on television will never be quenched. Regardless of their content, shows that wax poetic about galactic black holes, caterpillar fossils or the annual rate at which dirt disperses is must see tv.

2. The amount of coins worthy of his collection are astonishing. Sure, there are places in his coin book for regular pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters, but if you come across a Lincoln with two noses, three ears or a cowlick, please contact him immediately.

3. He's really okay with my deficient housekeeping skills. This is good because I'm  not 'domestically inclined' toward cooking, cleaning and activities involved in the washing, drying, folding and hanging of clothing. Some days, I pass muster, but others (like this past weekend) the kids are drying off with kitchen hand towels or I'm using a chop stick to stir my morning coffee. I could blame it on being really busy (which I am), but if I'm being honest, I just hate it.

4. He is the hardest person to shop for and I NEVER get it right. Choosing a gift he'll actually enjoy is a gamble if I choose something outside of cologne, tweezers, or socks.

5. He's the most tenacious person I know. Right after we met, he purchased a personal electrolysis machine to eradicate any hairs unlucky enough to grow between his eyes. They continue to grow and he continues to zap (although I'm certain the device stopped working shortly before the birth of our first) in the hopes that one day, they will realize that relocating to a different area of his brow will ensure their continued existence.

Opposites do attract as evidenced by Perry and me. His quirky ways, dry humor and amazing intelligence are some of the reasons why I love him, but his patience with all of my nonsense makes me admire him (...takes a Saint, people).

I'm sure 30 years from now, he'll still be watching shows about dirt, hoarding up all of the available space on our DVR for shows featuring the migration of dust mites and water turning to ice.  I can't wait!