Sunday night’s season 4 premier of ‘The Walking Dead’ was all I expected and hoped it would be and then some.

Sure, most of us don’t like David Morrissey’s character “The Governor” or do I like Darryl’s caustic brother Merle but that’s what makes us love the good guys so much.

The season 4 premier was everything I hoped for in that it left more to the imagination than any other episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, ever! That’s the kinda drama that gets lonely housewives hooked on daytime soaps.

For instance, my 12 year old son is already protesting and swears he’s not watching the next episode because he feels like Steven Yeun’s mild mannered gopher turned hottie sporting bad ass Glen is the next to go. I on the other hand have become so involved that when Darryl made the decision to leave the others in exchange for playing survival games in the woods with his brother Merle, I actually yelled at his character on the screen, “Dang Darryl, you bonehead! You can’t leave the others! C’mon dude!”

My friend, it’s getting serious up in here.

To recap the show, Rick and the others helped to free the Dixon brothers from the clutches of the Governor and his Woodbury minions. A loud disagreement ensued following the escape that left Glen and Maggie not on speaking terms. Merle ran his mouth; Rick knocked him out and upon waking, left with Darryl. Inside the prison, Rick refused to allow other outsiders to join their group and started having visions of his dead wife on the balcony, end of episode.

All in all, at the end of this one, I don’t know where it’s going. Who will die next? Who will reign supreme on top of the pulpit, Rick or The Governor? Is Beth falling for Rick? This excites me! It’s the thrill of not knowing. It’s like black Friday shopping. You know what the possibilities are but when you get there, the options may change in small ways due to crowd size and product availability. Well, at least that analogy sounded goo in my head.

I hope you understand and watch the second episode of season 4 with me this Sunday night at 8 on AMC.