Monday started like any other Monday this morning but the day has somehow stopped.

Did the Mayans have anything to do with this? I arrived at work this morning at 9am and I don't think my clocked has moved since then. Yes my friends, I am waiting as impatiently as possible for tonight’s BCS battle!

I’m guessing that I join all other Crimson Tide fans in saying, “My stomach is in knots and it seems like 7:30pm will never get here!” I don’t think I was this anxious last year when we were waiting for the epic beat down we brought to the LS-Who Tigers. This has got me thinking… I watch football, keep up with most of what’s going on, especially when it comes to teams in the SEC but I don’t know that much about Notre Dame. Herein lays the root of my fear. All season, I have not watched one Notre Dame game and can’t honestly say that I’ve even seen a score from one of their games this year. I didn’t take notice of them until we became second to their number one.

Today I’ve spent a great deal of the morning fact finding and learning all I can about the Fighting Irish in hopes to calm a bit of my distress. Friends have called and stopped by my office to offer words of encouragement and to hand me tidbits of info on ND’s defense and this fella called Manti Te’o. I’m familiar with that name due to his recent Heisman run but not as familiar with what he’s capable of on the football field.

I am suiting up for battle with the Crimson Tide tonight as are many of family and friends. We’ll mentally prepare with the team and start our telepathic surge of prayers from Tuscaloosa to Miami!

I’m worried about the unknown but stand confident in the fact that Coach Saban’s team knows no fear when confronted with the enemy on the battlefield. Tonight I predict a win for the Bama boys and a Tuscaloosa News front page tomorrow of the good guys being overcome by confetti while hoisting that crystal football into the air for the 15th time! Roll Tide!