My first thought after waking this morning was Alabama’s victory over LSU (who?).  AJ’s stunning drive, engineered during the last moments of the game, inspired the same level of awe the morning after as that moment had been the night before (my second thought was how bad being an LSU fan must suck today, and my third was how much unmitigated joy I experienced at thought #2).

But I have to make a confession: I bailed on the Tide at 2:26 left to play. I couldn’t watch. I was so heartsick, I couldn’t bear to see the players disappointment when the clock ticked down to 00:00.

I took my second shower of the day just so the water would drown out the sound coming from the four televisions tuned into the game. I didn’t cry, but I tried to make agonizing peace with defeat. After switching the water off, I heard screaming and a flicker of hope roared to life. I hastily dried off but before I could finish, I heard my husband's celebratory, Publishers Clearing House worthy screams over the muffled sounds of the CBS announcers (what up, VERNE? You can stop pretending now. Everyone knows you don't want 'Bama to win. I'm 'optimistic' you're a toad).

The picture I presented after bursting from the bathroom, wearing a towel and slinging water from my wet head while screaming, ‘What?! What?!’, was a cross between Seinfeld's Kramer and Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘The Shining’. I looked like the crazed woman I was about to become.

I went nuts when I saw the Tide had reclaimed the lead and I was stark, raving  5-1-5-0 while yelling at the top of my Coker-grown lungs with my tangled mess of frizzy, wet hair. I went mad and hugged everyone while clutching my towel in one hand and Snookie fist-pumping the air with the other.

Last night’s game provided us a glimpse of the very best of Alabama. The fumbles, gaffes and missed opportunities remind us that these young men are human, but their belief in themselves and that Crimson Tide magic that makes Alabama football so special shows us they are exceptional.

I’m ashamed I momentarily abandoned hope, but thankfully, the team didn’t follow my example and take a mental shower with 2:26 left to play. Sometimes we just don’t deserve you, Alabama.

Roll Tide.