I was 3 or 4 years old when I was introduced to David Banner and The Hulk. The show I remember began on March 10, 1978 and ended on May 12, 1982. My son Brody is 4. He has watched a few "modern" Hulk cartoons and really likes the big green monster. A while back, while searching for a show for Brody on Netflix, I found the original Hulk series from 1979 starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.

I sat down on the floor with Brody and we watched the first episode. I had never seen the first one. It was cool seeing the scenes that they used for the show's intro later on. As we watched, I remembered an old stack of trading cards I have kept in a cigar box in my closet for over 30 years....1979 Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Cards!!

I spread them out on the floor, I was really cool to see Brody get that excited about some old cards. I also found an old CBS show trailer.

And now the Theme Music: