The truth shall set you free. Great statement, but how much truth are we getting as comsumers? Are businesses shooting it to us straight?

Have we learned to tell the truth from lies or learned to read the fine print? Truth in advertising is a novel concept. You have a product and promote that product truthfully. There are still many companies that do this everyday but the ones I've pointed out here have went above and beyond the call of duty.

First we focus on Cullman Liquidation located in Cullman, AL. The way I hear the story told, after this commercial first aired they sold all the inventory on their lot including the mobile home they used for their office.

Next we have Dollar Shave Club. When I first saw this the other night, the ad was so funny and off the wall, I questioned if it was a real company of not. Turns out, they do exist and one of my coworker's husband uses their services. (Video may not be safe for work.)

The creators of Dollars Shave Club have also created One Wipe Charlies: the softest, cleanest, fastest manliest way to handle your business. Exclusively Available to Members of That commercial is really not safe for work so I've linked it here.