When a band like The Cadillac Three comes along, pushes the boundaries of what mainstream country sounds like and does it with a heartfelt honesty, people take notice.

Bands like The Cadillac Three are needed to help keep us, as country listeners, on our toes and constantly interested. Songs like 'The South' also help to break up the normal flow of a radio station's playlist and ad some diversity. You play Luke Bryan's 'Rain Is A Good Thing', follow it with a classic George Strait cut like 'Heartland' and end with 'The South' by The Cadillac Three and you've got yourself a jam session! You've also covered three different, but very cohesive brands of country music.

I won't re-write their bio (get it here) but I will briefly tell you they're from Nashville and play a whiskey fueled brand of good old Southern country rock. They released their self-titled debut in 2013 and plan to follow that up with a second one later this year.

The first release from the new record is blowing up on radio stations across the country and is making a steady climb up the charts. 'The South' is a solid rockin' country song with one foot in the muddy blues. The threesome recruited Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band to help with the already built-in sing-a-long chorus. It's rowdy, it's addictive and it's best played loud!