Adam’s Army, the best football fans in Tuscaloosa
Someone asked me yesterday, "Whats it's like to be a member of Adam's Army, Hillcrest's Crazy Fan section?"  I replied, "Each Friday afternoon around 3pm I remove my shirt and shave my chest.  I then take black paint and paint my upper torso leavin…
7 Great Places for Sunday Brunch in Tuscaloosa
Brunch is literally the greatest; it's the everything you love about breakfast and lunch, and the best thing: YOU GET TO SLEEP LATE. Is there anything better?
Check out the gallery above of our fave brunch spots in Tuscaloosa...
953 The Bear, Welcomes Students: Move-In Day at UA
Today is MOVE IN day on-campus for UA students and the Wild Bill Show welcomed many students and parents bringing loaded down vehicles to Tuscaloosa.  Students that are involved in activities happening before the start of school, like sorority recruitment and Million Dollar Band practice a…

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