Scott’s Missing Phone – Part 2
In an article earlier today, I described the sad phone episode that happened to me Thursday. I went to the phone store and had to fill out an insurance form because apparently, the screen had a "Pressure Crack".
Mother’s Day SkullCandy
I bought my wife an iPhone speaker docking thingy for Mother's Day Sunday. When she opened it and we plugged it all up, it was missing a cord!  I took it back to Wal-Mart the next day and got a refund and drove down to Best Buy and bought another one.
95.3 The Bear Going to Class at UA!
Kimberly Madison and I were talking on air a few weeks ago about 3-D printers for your home. I know right? Lensey with the UA Civil Engineering Department heard our conversation and extended an invitation for our crew to visit them.
Welcome to the Future – 3D Printers
It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to new technology. Over the last few years we have seen leaps and bounds in the smartphone industry, our giant computer monitors have slimmed up to wafer thin screens. We can store a ga-gillion pics on a SD card. and Google Glass is about to hit shelves.