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Morning Minute: February 6, 2015
February 6, 2015

WEATHER:  Sunny. 55/32

LOCAL: Tuscaloosa man fighting for his life after teen suspect shot him during early morning robbery.
STATE: Alabama Secretary of State denies sexual allegations circulating online.
NATIONAL: Wife of murdered Jordanian pilot found out about his death on Fa…
Morning Minute: February 5, 2015
February 5, 2015

WEATHER:  Partly Sunny. 48/25

LOCAL: Two Tuscaloosa schools fail to meet Alabama Accountability standards .
STATE: Prattville Walmart manager stops shoplifter, gets punched in the face then loses job.
NATIONAL: US expands relationship with Jordan after pilots death publicized...
Morning Minute: February 4, 2015
February 4, 2015

WEATHER:  Cloudy. 55/37

LOCAL: Multiple Alabama county investigation related to recent home invasions.
STATE: Court orders Alabama to issue gay marriage license.
NATIONAL: Gallup CEO says 5.6% unemployment is a 'big fat lie'...
Morning Minute: February 3, 2015
February 3, 2015

WEATHER:  Cloudy. 45/28

LOCAL: Milo's Hamburgers to return to Tuscaloosa.
STATE: Family of 4-year old killed in Duncanville fire speaks.
NATIONAL: Government data reveals shadow immigration system.
SPORTS: Alabama's best and worst case scenarios for National Signing D…
Morning Minute: January 30, 2015
January 30, 2015

WEATHER:  Sunny. 54/27

LOCAL: Monday's accident on I 20/59 was caused by trucker pulling his own tooth. 
STATE: Alabama air getting cleaner. 
NATIONAL: Gulp: Delta pilot gets locked out of cockpit in mid-flight...
Morning Minute: January 29, 2015
January 29, 2015

WEATHER:  Cloudy. 66/37

LOCAL: Flu cases on the rise in Tuscaloosa. 
STATE: Automakers set huge production record credited to Alabama's right to work status.
NATIONAL: ISIS threatens to behead President Obama in the White House...
Morning Minute: February 2, 2015
February 2, 2015

WEATHER:  Cloudy. 45/28

LOCAL: Northport police department offering ladies self-defense classes.
STATE: Drug overdoses and deaths on the rise in Central Alabama.
NATIONAL: CDC warns of 'large outbreak of measles'...
Morning Minute: January 28, 2015
January 28, 2015

WEATHER:  Sunny. 57/37

LOCAL: ALDOT installing new traffic signals along 11 mile stretch of McFarland Blvd. to ease congestion.
STATE: Alabama Supreme Court Justice encourages defiance on gay marriage ruling.
NATIONAL: First Lady Michelle Obama refuses to wear head scarf in Saud…
Morning Minute: January 27, 2015
January 27, 2015

WEATHER:  Sunny. 55/34

LOCAL: School bus crashes into another school bus triggering fire. 
STATE: Openly gay Alabama lawmaker threatens to 'out' officials having extramarital affairs.
NATIONAL: The calm before the Northeast's crippling winter storm...
Morning Minute: January 26, 2015
January 26, 2015

WEATHER:  Mostly sunny. 46/34

LOCAL: Woman remains in hospital with life threatening injuries after her home catches fire.
STATE: Same sex marriage battle heats up after judge issues 14 day stay on ban.
NATIONAL: New York and Boston face historical winter storm...

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