Kate Middleton

The Royal Baby Finally Has a Name
Attention, peasants of earth: Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby hath now been blessed with a name of tradition and bore: George Alexander Louis.
So we definitely lost in the betting pool with our Prince George Michael guess. On the plus side, we no longer have to call him the Royal Baby.
Heir We Go
The world (or at least me) has been holding it's collective breath awaiting the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first born which will be third in line to the British throne.
Some interesting facts surrounding the birth of the prince or princess:
2 - Number of years the Duke and …
The Royal Countdown Is On!
The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William are on the verge of welcoming a future monarch into the world. Though rumors circulated early that Kate Middleton was having a girl, recent news indicates they're going to be surprised like the rest of the world...
Krispy Kreme Presents the Madison & Shepherd Morning Minute
December 4th, 2012
Nominate your office in the comments below for doughnuts and coffee and listen Friday morning to see if Madison and Shepherd will be delivering breakfast to your office!
Dicken's Downtown tonight in Historic Northport
Local: Former University of Alabama student, Zachary Burrell, 28, …