Today I Make Gingerbread
I follow the 'Food" Category on Flipboard. I flipped though a recipe set last week that i was inclined to save for later. The Article came from the Huffington Post. Written by Jennifer Segal on her website 'Once Upon a Chef'.
We’ve Been Storing Food Wrong
I came across an article on The Huffington Post's Flipboard.  The title of the piece caught my attention "The 14 Foods You've Been Storing All Wrong". I learned a little something today.
Scott Shepherd Ate A Moldy Apple Pie
I'm not proud of this but I do find it quite humerus.  My wife and I bought a couple apple tarts from the farmers market Saturday. We shared one of them Saturday evening. Homemade goodness is what is was. I let the other sit on the counter. until yesterday.
12 Creative Restaurant Signs
The restaurant biz is super competitive, which is why standing out from every other place is a key compenent to success. Of course a good restaurant should have great food, but first impressions (aka the kind that happen before you even walk into an establishment) are often overlooked. This is where…

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