Do You Eat Pickled Pigs Feet?
I remember some of the 'ole folks' gnawing on pickled pigs feet when I was a kid. I never could wrap my mind around the act of eating them. A foot. Really? I used to see pigs feet pickled in a red vinegar brine in a huge jar on the counter of little country stores. There would be wax paper…
How Long Does Milk Last? you drink milk before the date on the jug or is the date on the jug a sell by date? How long after the printed date is the milk good? Is the sniff test the best indicator?
Easy Pan Seared Steak Recipie
This is an easy pan seared steak recipe. I don't remember having one any better in any restaurant anywhere. With 7 ingredients, you can be done in less than 15 minutes.
Why You Need to be Eating Watercress
In Madison and Shepherd's Strange Alabama Segment today, Kimberly talked about the watercress capitol of the world. Huntsville calls itself the 'capitol' but really most of the harvest happens in the tiny town of New Market.

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