Before + After Photos of My MAJOR Kitchen Makeover
I offer my apologies in advance for the length of this article. The after picture appears calm and serene which belies the onslaught of pain Brian, Benessa, Brooke, Eric, Kameron, Darius, Bobby, Bridgette, Hunter, Keith and I endured because of this kitchen.
Molten Aluminum + Watermelon = Art?
I just discovered The Backyard Scientist  on YouTube. This guy takes everyday backyard things and turns them into science projects. He has over 37,000 subscribers! Check out this "art" that came from Molten Aluminum and a watermelon.
DIY Your 4th of July – Homemade Fireworks
We all love fireworks right? Black Cat firecrackers, those moon bottle rockets, roman candles, you name it and we've all probably seen and even lit the fuse on most in our lifetime. These DIY fireworks change the game.
Scott’s Hard Knock Knife
Three months ago, Scott Shepherd entered the 95.3 The Bear studios and without saying hello, began digging through the closet. I asked what was going on and he informed me the driver side window in his Pontiac Sedan had fallen off the track and slipped down into the door...
Weed Trimmer Blues
I bought this little Homelite Weed Trimmer on sale for $69.00 a couple weeks ago. I bought a roll of 0.80 (2.0 mm) string for it too. It came loaded with string and lasted about 2 and a half yard cuttings. I ran in to a problem after that.

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