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What’s Your Love Language?
Ok guys, (and girls) Valentine's Day is Thursday. This day comes with a lot of expectation, right? Guys wonder what gift to buy, where to go eat dinner, what is the perfect message on a card?  Believe it or not fellows, to some women, those things may not matter AT ALL.
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
February 11th, 2013
BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI to resign, conclave in March.
Complete list of 2013 Grammy Winners below!
Monday's mean Free Music! Listen to Madison and Shepherd at 6:50 and 7:50 for your Darn Near Impossible Trivia Question...
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Try Them Before They’re Gone
In my house, Lay's 'Classic' potato chips are my chips of choice. I've never been one to stray from the original. Add a little french onion dip on the side and you've got a great snack for movie or ballgame watchin'.  However, I am tempted now to try something…
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
February 8th, 2013
Forecast: Sunny. High of 61.
Local: Mercedes to produce new SUV.
State: New immigration lawsuit challenges 'scarlet letter' provision in state law.
National: Manhunt for ex-LAPD police officer accused of killing 3 intensifies...
Caption This: Nick Saban’s Expression
Yesterday was another milestone in the Alabama Crimson Tide football dynasty. For the second year in a row, the Tide locked down the #1 recruiting class, vaulting over Florida when Alvin Kamara declared his intent to bring his fast twitch to the backfield...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
February 7th, 2013
Forecast: Showers. High of 63.
Local: Sheriff Sexton selected to head division of Los Angeles sheriff's department.
State: Alabama panel votes 'no' on medical marijuana.
National: Blizzard threatens to bury New England this weekend...
How Smart is Your Dog
Most every person that owns a dog likes to think their dog is a smart pup. My neighbor's dog, a black and white Australian Shepherd with blue eyes named Jill, IS a smart dog. She sits, speaks, shakes, rolls over and will fetch whatever you throw for her. Jill's claim to fame in the neighbo…
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
February 6th, 2013
Forecast: Cloudy. High of 70.
Local: Sheriff Sexton heads to Washington to discuss immigration.
State: Bomb techs find explosives at Midland hostage site.
National: Governor Bentley proposes pay raise for teachers...
Your Office is Covered With Germs
We all have had a virus. We all have worked through the sniffles, the watery eyes and the aches and pains. Not everyone can afford to lay out of work over the slightest feeling of a cold virus. It makes sense to us to just push through and tough it out, right?
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
February 5th, 2013
Forecast: Mostly sunny. Slight chance of rain. High of 62.
Local: Bruce Duncan charged with firing into an occupied vehicle carrying family.
State: Hostage standoff ends. First images of child emerge.
National: Feds may tax pot...

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