Mallary Hope has taken her experienced story telling to a new level, using her trademark angelic vocal notes to express some classy yet sassy attitude on 'Quit Playing Games!'

Mallary's Instagram friends have recently had glimpses into her wedding, shopping excursions with Katie Armiger and puppy pictures, but most importantly the singer has given us views into the recording studio and quick :15 clips of new music!

As I was ramblin' through my Facebook page today I noticed a full version of one of those songs, 'Quit Playing Games' and instantly woke up and clicked "play"! With this song, Mallary is back in the game with all the ferocity of Miranda Lambert, the pop rock sensibility of Pink and swagger of Carrie Underwood.

As with a lot of new music these days, 'Quit Playing Games' blurs the line between country and rock but then again, the exception has become the norm in most cases and when you hear this one you'll see the songwriter exude a confidence in this style of country rock that's exciting and refreshing! Whatever the case may be, the song made me bob my head and lyrically she's singing to each and everyone of us and a past situation we've all faced.