The fact that Scott Shepherd marches to the beat of a different automotive drum has been well established on our morning show, Madison and Shepherd. He's got too much to think about without worrying about what type of vehicle gets him from Points A to B.

I think it's safe to assume he's used this particular mode of transportation for sometime. He's shared stories of driving down the road with his head hanging out of the window a' la Ace Ventura because his defrost was broken, multiple rolls of duct tape sacrificed (adhesive residue still remains) and as the picture above illustrates, has zero hesitation cavorting around town with a butcher knife and plastic fork wedged in the window track.

Today, our Sales Manager Tammy noticed his seat belt hanging out of his back door. I was going to text him a picture until my boss drove up, rolled down his window and said, 'If he get's that thing snagged on something, it'll jerk his entire backseat out.'

Working with Scott isn't always rosy. I'm sure he would say the same about me, but the scenarios I've created in my mind that resulted in the seat belt's inability to retract before Scott shut it down is the reason why I continue to wake up so early each day.