Three months ago, Scott Shepherd entered the 95.3 The Bear studios and without saying hello, began digging through the closet. I asked what was going on and he informed me the driver side window in his Pontiac Sedan had fallen off the track and slipped down into the door. Rain was approaching so he needed to raise and secure the window quickly.

He gathered several objects and rushed down the stairs. A short time later, he returned and appeared calm and collected.

'Did you fix it,' I asked.

'Oh, yeah,' he responded, as if my question were the most ridiculous ever uttered.


'I just pulled the window up, closed it and wedged something between the glass and the door to keep it from falling again,' Scott explained as he continued to prepare for the show. His answer made sense and satisfied my questions so I returned to my work as well.

Today, I realized his unmistakeable red car was a car length ahead of me in the next lane. I pulled up beside him and Surprise! He was looking down at his phone, but something strange immediately caught my eye. He picked up speed and moved ahead of me several feet which gave me the time required to unzip my camera and scramble to remove the lens. I couldn't risk this photograph to a cell phone camera.

He didn't realize I'd pulled beside him, so I was able to snap a few candid photographs. To prevent running into the back of the dump truck in front of me, I held my camera up and just snapped away unaware if I was capturing my intended subject.

Words cannot describe the joy that burst in my heart when I realized, I'd managed to capture the One.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Scott Shepherd, riding free and easy down the road he goes, with a butcher knife he used to wedge his window to the car door.Three months ago he did this and three months later the knife continues to function properly .

When we arrived at the station, I showed him the rough shots on my camera and we had a good laugh but when he told me his wife, Randi had asked if didn't think the knife was a little 'creepy', I completely fell apart.

I think Randi will have her answer after she views this picture:

Yes, he secured the driver's side window with a knife and see's no reason to make any adjustments.

I applaud his ingenuity.