My daddy was born in 1951. His next birthday is in December. I just received a "friend Request" from him on Facebook. I was kinda shocked. I have never seen him in frnt of a computer in my LIFE.  I joined Facebook in April of '09. That's just 5 years ago. I have however had the chance to dig around and learn a little about the social media platform. My dad on the other hand, is a complete novice. I found much humor in one of his latest "statuses".

Daddy has done pretty good ad sending friend request to his family. There's no profile pic yet but I told him I would help him with that. His latest status: "Coffeeville, Al."made me laugh. That is where we are from, he was raised there, went to high school there and lives there today. Why not put that as your status?

I'm sure he will be rockin' Facebook like the rest of us in no time.