There are only a few things in life that actually give us a feeling of affirmation. My wife, Randi and I became a St. Jude Partner in Hope last February with a monthly donation of 20 dollars. Every month when we see that 20 dollars go to St. Jude, we are reminded how our presious son brings us more joy than we can really describe. And how one simple act of kindness can change lives.

Every month we are reminded that there are parents and children that are going through things we can't imagine. Every month we are reminded that there is HOPE. Throughout 2012, my wife opened several letters from St. Jude with pictures of children and a little information about them and their family. She saves every one of them. We wil re-up our Partner in Hope plege this year and continue to pray for the children and families of St. Jude. We will continue to thank God for our health son. Join Randi and I in 2013 and become a Partner in Hope today.