I'm not sure what going on here. This photo amazed me. Kimberly Madison was in Sam's Club earlier this morning and snapped this pic. The box of Cassette Tape Adapters is empty!


When did they stop putting cassette players in cars? I have the oldest car in our parking lot and it has a cd player. I remember having an adapter for a car with no cd player....STOP:

In the middle of writing this, Meg Summers from B101.7 interrupted me with fantastic news...she has a cassette player in her car! She even has a cassette adapter she bought in 2000! AND she uses it to play her music from her smart phone. The car she drives to work is a 2001 model....they didn't come with Bluetooth, you know.


I followed her down stairs and snagged a pic..


This is the greatest thing I have seen so far today. The phone technology that the simple little tape adapter is connected to probably has more power than the computers that help build the tape adapter in 2000. I bet the makers never imagined their product would be used like this in 2014!