Another successful tour has rolled through our city and a large portion of its residents are happy, thanks to Miranda Lambert's 'Platinum Tour' with Neal McCoy and RaeLynn!

The weather was perfect as was the crowd Friday night when former "Team Blake" member RaeLynn took to the stage! She belted out one upbeat country song after another on her way to her latest release 'God Made Girls.' Judging by the reaction last night and the activity on social media this morning, Tuscaloosa is in love with RaeLynn!

I took a few listeners backstage to meet the young singer and believe me, she just as adorable as her pictures on Instagram imply! She's the only person in the world who has ever gotten me to take a "duckface" picture! Actually, I think I look like I'm about to beat someone up for some reason.

Check out this video she and I made on her tour bus...

Next up was country legend Neal McCoy. He had plenty of old school fans on hand last night and I am positive he left there with hundreds of new fans! Yeah, he rolled out the hits like 'Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On' and 'Wink' but he also gave the crowd a few new songs as well as a stroll down memory lane with a 90's pop montage, done country.

When Miranda hit the stage the crowd was on their feet and ready for what they got, one of the best shows ever at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater! The audience was wild as were the men and women on stage. The hitmaker nailed every song we know and love and even broke out several new songs from her Platinum record. The Tuscaloosa chorus sang right along to every word of every song. Things like that are a wonder to see and hear as I stood off to the side just listening at the crowd with amazement. I can easily see how artists get hooked on playing live.

As for my time spent hanging out with Miranda, yes I have to brag, it was a unique experience and I consider my self lucky to have been given the chance to not only talk to you on the radio but to get to know these amazing people.

The media was invited backstage to enjoy a drink and to sit and chat with the songstress inside of her, now famous, Airstream trailer dubbed "Wanda the Wanderer." We mainly talked about how it wasn't as as hot as the last time she played in Tuscaloosa and about her love for Airstreams.

In closing, the show was amazing and the night was an absolute blast! I love RaeLynn and Miranda and wish I could have meet Neal.