While visiting Reddit, I came across a post by user Bigbawss who posted a horrifying picture of a friend's kitten laying beside his food bowl and soaked in blood. Immediately, the animal was taken to the vet, who pronounced the kit had suffered from an allergic reaction to a popular flea control medication by HARTZ. I haven't done enough research on their product itself, but I've heard numerous stories similar to the one above. At the very least, weigh all options before administering this to your furry loved one.

Thankfully, the kitten survived, but this incident isn't the first cautionary tale I've heard of this medicine. A friend of mine who works at a vet, insisted this was a dangerous medicine for household animals. I'll admit skepticism because I erroneously assumed her advice was motivated to sale products available at her clinic. I won't make that mistake again.

We are quickly approaching flea season and I urge you to visit your local pet health care provider and weigh your flea control options before you settle for the least expensive alternative.

The very GRAPHIC picture is below.