Each week 95.3 The Bear teams up with the Alabama Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ALSPCA) to try and find homes for dogs & cats in our area.

Meet our Pet of the Week, Larry. He's a one year old bully mix and just recently started his journey towards a brand new life in the Alabama SPCA foster program. Prior to being rescued, Larry lived outdoors 24/7, roaming the woods nearby his owners home.

One Saturday, several weeks ago, he came running for help after a hunter shot him. Larry's front leg was bleeding badly. Several days went by, and the leg began to swell. His owner said she couldn't take him to a vet so she contacted the Alabama SPCA just in time because Larry was suffering from a horrible infection. For two days he was given fluids and antibiotics. The wound was treated and luckily he was able to go to his foster family just a few days later.

This boy is strong and now doing so much better, even though he still limps a tad bit. Larry gets along well with other dogs and is learning all about what it's like to live inside as part of the family. He's even learning about crate and house training!

A note from Larry, "I have really enjoyed the recovery time with my foster family. However, my foster mom tells me this is not my last stop. I will soon begin to meet potential adoptive families. I cannot wait! How exciting to have a second chance! Soon, I will become part of an amazing forever family, where I will be loved and given the care I so deserve!" (Really, that's what the ALSPCA sent me to include. It does truly say a lot about the great people Larry has been dealing with though.)

If you are interested in meeting Larry the Pitbull, please email shannon@alspca.org.