Driving down Greensboro Avenue a few weeks ago, I was stopped at a red light when I happened to notice the business sign above.

I spent more time then I'm comfortable admitting trying to figure out how Ghostbusters was tied to smoking. I marveled at the philosophy behind including the words 'no smoking' to the official name of your business which sells tobacco.

I showed the picture to several co-workers but they weren't able to add any clarity. 'It doesn't make any sense. What does Ghostbusters have to do with a tobacco shop?! Nothing! What am I missing?'

Everything changed yesterday after I received this text from one of 95.3 The Bear's account executives, Keith LaCoste:

The minute he pulled into the parking lot this morning, I stuck my head outside of the studio window and told him to come upstairs immediately. I'd been patient long enough.

Keith entered the room appearing wind-blown and bursting with vigor and vitality. 'The man is a marketing genius,' he proclaimed with booming authority.

'What is it? What does it mean?!'

'Nothing. The sign means nothing.' Keith fell silent allowing the significance of his words to settle about the room. He was the maestro of the moment.

'His sign isn't supposed to make sense,' he continued. 'He made the name confusing on purpose so people would talk about his business. It worked.'

Teach me, Sensei.