Franklin D. Roosevelt changed America on March 22nd 1933 when he signed the Cullen–Harrison Act allowing once again the legal sale of beer in the United States after 13 years of prohibition.

The Cullen–Harrison Act was submitted to Congress on March 21st 1933 by Senator Pat Harrison and Representative Thomas H. Cullen and Roosevelt signed it on the 22nd.  The new law went into effect on April 7th 1933 and National Beer Day was born as a celebration of beer lovers everywhere.

Alcohol sales had been illegal in the US since the passing if the Volstead Act 13 years earlier to carry out the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution which established Prohibition.

Americans were thirsty and lined up in droves at newly opened pubs and taverns all over the country on April 6th, known as New Beers Eve. They were awaiting the stroke of Midnight...April 7th. When the suds could flow freely again.

Today there are hundreds of breweries in the US. Over 25 in the State of Alabama alone. We have 2 right here in Tuscaloosa.( Black Warrior Brewing Co. and Druid City Brewing Co)

Bars, pubs and taverns across America will celebrate Nation Beer Day on Monday. Have a pint with a friend and raise a glass to Pat Harrison and Thomas H. Cullen and President Roosevelt. CHEERS!