Each of us came to The Ridge on Friday morning with panchos, waterproof shoes, and eight pairs of dry socks expecting the heavens to open up and pound us with rain.

Day one of RidgeFest is over and we made it through, dry! No rain even touched the grounds on Friday which was good news for me since I camped in my little four person tent last night.

We're hoping for more of the same today and a good look at the weather report says we have another good chance at staying dry.

Let me paint a picture of my story for you: I came prepared to camp. 2 different tents, 3 eleven foot tarps, camp saw, rope, shovel, hiking bag, everything. EXCEPT A SLEEPING BAG! Yep, walked right out of the house and left it. No big deal, I've watched enough Bear Grylls to know I can make a pallet out of blankets from the clubhouse. I was perfectly fine until bedtime, when I realized, I FORGOT MY TOOTHBRUSH! This was 1:30 in the morning and the "pro shop" on site which carries various things you might need to camp was closed. Let me tell you friend, I've not went to bed without brushing my teeth since, well, never. Absolutely horrid! When that shop opened back up at 8, I was first in line for a clean mouth.

Yesterday, as everyday goes at The Ridge, was filled with trail riding and a whole lot of goofing around. It's been a good team building exercise for our group and for the riders, hopefully a ton of fun!

Tony Brooks Band killed it last night playing their brand of amped up rockin' blues and tonight at 7:30, Tuscaloosa native Glen Templeton will bring his bag full of bar tested country music to the masses!

Today has been busier than yesterday with the dirtbikes, side by sides and ATVs coming in by the truckload. A few RVs and pop-ups as well as tents are lining the campgrounds with a few people just riding for the day. I plan to have more fun on the trails and do a little hiking when I'm not at my post working.

Entry price after 5pm tonight has been dropped down to just $20 per person!