I was introduced to George Jones on September 6th 1974, the day I was born. Mama had a portable radio in the hospital room and when the nurses brought me in to her for the first time, you guessed it, George Jones was on that little radio. (or at least that's the story I've always been told).I didn't know there was any other kind of music other than country and church hymns until I was at least 6 years old and George Jones was a favorite of mine. As I got older, I had every George Jones "tape" made. As any Jones fan will tell you, he had the purest voice ever in country music. A voice that moved you.

I remember my brother, best friend and I singing George Jones songs for beer money when we were way to young for such. We'd sit across a truck tailgate side by side and try our best to sound just like him.  I remember singing "Right Left Hand", "Bartender Blues" "The Window Up Above" and the old folks would give us a beer or money to keep going! I wish I had a recording of those days.

In my mid 20's, I had the chance to actually introduce George Jones to the stage in Philadelphia Mississippi. I will never forget that. I brushed shoulders with him as I left the stage as he was walking on to the screaming crowd. I'm sure he never even saw me but I sure remember being that close to him.

When I think of George Jones I think of home as a kid, I think of true friends and the time with them I'll never have again. I hope that's what he would have wanted his fans to do.  With the news of his passing, dozens of his songs started playing in my head. Today I will load his Greatest Hits CD, open a beer and toast The Possum.

And no one sang a gospel song better either: RIP George Jones.