July 8th, 2013

It's Free Music Monday! Tune in to Madison and Shepherd at 6:50 for Darn Near Impossible Trivia. FORECAST: Partly sunny with possible showers. 86F/71F

LOCAL: Tuscaloosa County School employee indicted on sex crimes that allegedly include incest, rape and sodomy.

STATE: Marriage Town Hall to address how U.S Supreme Court Ruling affects same sex marriage in Alabama.

NATIONAL: 'He's going to walk'. Analyst on Good Morning America offers opinion on George Zimmerman after prosecution rests.

TECH:  First fight filmed with Google Glasses.

ENTERTAINMENT: Lady GaGa moves to block the release of court documents that 'could ruin' her.

SPORTS:  EA Sports NCAA Football 2014: Infused with Tide.

MUSIC: Elton John tiny dances all over 'The Voice'.

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