April 11th, 2013

**Listen to Madison & Shepherd for the latest on the severe weather threat and updates on delays and closings for our area.

FORECAST: Severe storms with possible tornadoes. 75F/46F

LOCAL: Brad Paisley booked for Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on June 14th.

STATE: Rep. Jeff Sessions on President Obama's budget offering: 'It's not just reckless. It's unthinkable.'

NATIONAL: Toyota and Nissan among air bag recall.

TECH: IRS: We can read emails without warrants. Wonderful.

SPORTS: Coach Nick Saban says Mal Moore was the number reason they made the move to Tuscaloosa.

ENTERTAINMENT: Meet the bearded woman, mother of two, and no longer gives any.

MUSIC: Country Music loves controversy.

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