Step into my world and let's review the headlines. Today we'll learn about a new twist in the Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry, country legends on a boat, Cam Newton's anger, + more!

ALABAMA NEWS: All the talk around the University of Alabama campus is that QB A.J. McCarron in dating Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb! But wait, bringing new meaning to the term “house divided”, he’s played QB for Bama since 2011 and has a 24-2 record and Ms. Webb graduated from Auburn University. Maybe it’s a case of opposites attract or maybe love knows no boundaries, whatever it is, I wish the couple nothing but happiness. With the way Auburn looked this year, she may just come over from the dark side. ROLL TIDE!

NATIONAL NEWS: On Christmas day, one family in Harlem, NY got more than they asked for from Santa when their foster child unwrapped a teddy bear and found a handgun inside the box! The child’s mother chose gifts for all six of her children from a toy collection at St. Anthony’s Church in SoHo. 8-year-old Natasha Brunson pulled the gun from the box, next to her teddy bear, thinking the weapon was another toy that had fallen into the box. Fortunately the firing pin had been removed so the gun was inoperable.

SPORTS: The NFL has fined Panthers quarterback and former Auburn standout Cam Newton $21,000 for abusive conduct toward a game official. The penalty stems from Cam’s actions in the fourth quarter of Carolina’s 17-6 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday where the QB shouted at and bumped referee Jerome Boger.

ENTERTAINMENT: Academy award winning actress Kate Winslet was married for the third time earlier this week to a man named Ned Rocknroll. By far the coolest last name ever! Ned is a nephew of eclectic billionaire Richard Branson.

MUSIC: Country music legends Alabama announced on their website, plans for a cruise with their fans called Alabama & Friends Festival at Sea. The boat will set sail in October of 2013. For $750 fans like us can rub elbows with Randy, Teddy, and Jeff and see them live all while floating in the ocean! Learn more here.

RANDOM FACT OF THE DAY: Kissing someone is more sanitary than shaking hands with them.