Over the next few days, more than 30 people from all over West Alabama will compete in the 2013 Hands On Boat-A-Thon with one person outlasting the others to win a brand new pontoon boat provided by Hide-A-Way Harbor Marina and Boat Sales.

For those that aren't familiar with the contest, all of our qualifiers will gather around the pontoon boat in the parking lot of University Mall on Friday evening. Beginning at 6pm, everyone will have to be touching the boat and continue doing so. As soon as someone stops touching the boat, they are eliminated. The last person remaining will win!

Since you'll likely see the Boat-A-Thon quite a bit this weekend since we'll be right along McFarland Blvd, we wanted to introduce our contestants to you. Along with sharing their age and where they currently live, we also asked them to share the reason why they entered the contest.

Meet the contestants:

  • 1

    Lauren Acker, 22, Tuscaloosa

    I wanted to see if I could win the pontoon boat. Mmmmmmmm..... Motorboatin'.

  • 2

    Curt Anderson, 44, Cottondale

    As a professional magician and mentalist, I have learned many techniques to use my mind to control my circumstances and how my body responds. I am confident those skills will help me win.

  • 3

    John Averett, 23, Tuscaloosa

  • 4

    Jon Battles, 27, Cottondale

  • 5

    Chadwick Boothe, 27, Brent

  • 6

    Alexander Clemons, 33, Vance

  • 7

    Danielle Coleman, 29, Tuscaloosa

    I'm a fun-loving mother of four beautiful children. My family and I do not get to enjoy as many family activities as I would like due to a lack of funds. Winning would lead to amazing adventures 4 us!

  • 30

    Yolanda Ellison, 53, Tuscaloosa

  • 8

    T.J. Faulkner, 29, Northport

  • 9

    Randa Guthrie, 35, Cottondale

  • 10

    Erica Holston, 30, Akron

  • 11

    Mark Jewell, 43, Reform

  • 12

    Brittany Jones, 24, Tuscaloosa

    Who wouldn't want to win a boat? Winning would mean being able to make even more memories for me and my family.

  • 13

    Kellie Jones, 43, Tuscaloosa

  • 14

    Chad Lockridge, 38, Tuscaloosa

  • 15

    Bradley Marcum, 23, Buhl

  • 16

    Scott Mills, 38, Cottondale

  • 17

    Neva Morris, 54, Tuscaloosa

  • 18

    Deidre Owens, 38, Duncanville

  • 19

    Chris Powell, 38, Tuscaloosa

  • 20

    James Powell, 31, Northport

    I want to take the family out for a ride.

  • 21

    Rebekah Rouse, 25, Northport

    My fiancee.

  • 22

    Matthew Salter, 21, Cottondale

    I want to win this boat for my family!

  • 23

    Charlie Summerlin, 35, Empire

    For my mother and father to be able to take out on the lake with their grand kids and great grand kids to show them how great the lake is a place to be.

  • 24

    Willie Thomas, 37, Ralph

  • 31

    Carla Valentine, 48, Pleasant Grove

  • 25

    Joey Ward, 31, Tuscaloosa

    My love for the water and a nice pontoon boat thats paid in full for me and my family to enjoy for years to come

  • 26

    Chasidy White, 37, Tuscaloosa

    This contest is so much fun! I want to win the boat because the thrill of the contest is exhilarating! It's such an incredible event, and I'm super-excited to be a part of it!

  • 27

    Chip Wilkins, 28, Oneonta

  • 28

    Alexis Wilkinson, 30, Tuscaloosa

  • 29

    Jennifer Wood, 23, Lake View