Maggie Rose's latest single 'Looking Back Now' gets serious and dark real quick as it tells the story of a woman, heartbroken, desperate and angry.

Similar stories have been told by Garth Brooks in 'The Thunder Rolls' and Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats' but not since Miranda Lambert's 'Gunpowder & Lead' has a song about the brutality of love hit such an emotional chord.

'Looking Back Now' tells the story of a woman confronting her perfume scented lover after a night of drinking. Maggie sings, "You don't look a woman in the eye and smile when she knows what you've done and she's holding whiskey and a gun." The story then moves on to our subject being manhandled by the prison warden who mistakenly didn't guard his pistol. Followed by reflections on her life as she slowly slips away on the table at her execution.

The video's power comes from a few silent props... a gun and a man's hands around Rose's neck. Those two things, coupled with her facial expressions could clearly tell the story without ever hearing a lyric.

Maggie Rose is a powerhouse country singer but takes time on 'Looking Back Now' to show the sharper tones in her voice and the harmonies bring to mind the smoothness of Little Big Town. I'm kinda in love with everything about this song.

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