For years, my mother resisted the siren's call of online shopping. She was convinced that nefarious individuals hunkered down in internet cafes across the globe were lying in wait to max our her credit cards.

She wasn't content to reside alone in the inconvenient dark ages of technology. Mother would harass me each time she was informed the item she'd just complimented had been purchased from an online retailer.

Each time, her argument was the same and I eventually learned to withhold purchasing information next time we discussed an item I'd bought.

However, this year things were different. My mother, Virginia, dipped a wary toe into the cyber shopping pool and within a few clicks, was firing off texts bragging to all and sundry that anyone who didn't shop for Christmas online was basically a sucker.

How quickly she'd forgotten her own warnings and how quickly I reminded her of them.

In case you missed it, you can hear the phone call here.