Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weather: Sunny. High of 63.

Local: Gay Rights Advocates mobilize after brutal beating of gay Mobile woman, Mallory Owens by her girlfriend's 18 year old brother, Travis Hawkins, jr. Alabama is one of 26 states who do not have hate crime laws on the books that address sexual orientation or gender identity.

National: Powerball hits record $500,000,000.

Sports: He speaks! Texas A & M's Johnny Manziel opens up about kittens, video games and pretending to be John Elway in the backyard. Sadly, he didn't talk about this:

Entertainment: 'Two and a Half Men' sitcom star Angus T Jones has issued a swift apology after video surfaced yesterday of him begging viewers to turn off the popular show because the comedy is 'godless filth' that runs contradictory to his deep Christian faith. Jones apologized to the show's writers, creators and others if his remarks indicated indifference or disrespect.

Music: Dolly Parton addresses gay rumors, plastic surgery, her marriage and a whole lot more in her newly released memoir, Dream More, available now.