Two days ago, I needed to get gas but I was able to convince myself that I had plenty of fuel and time.

Yesterday, the warning light was blinding me but the miniscule empty space between the last two hash marks was enough assurance that I could go to the trouble on my way home from work. On my way home from work, I forgot I needed gas until I pulled into the driveway. I sighed but made a mental note to wake up a few minutes early and get some on the way into work (right).

Overnight, someone must have siphoned gas out of my car because I had less than I thought. I had no extra time to stop for gas unless I wanted to be late, so I turned off the air, the radio and made no sudden movements to increase my gas efficiency. My plan was to get gas on my lunch break but then I had a sudden flash back of when this happened:

So I pulled into the gas station one block from the station and purchased $10 worth of gas so that I could get to the station later where we have an account.

I had to get gas to get gas. Yes, I am THAT pathetic.